What Are Violin String Notes?

Violin is one of the tempting instruments that attract the attention of those who want to play an instrument. We have some good news for you! Violin is considered to be one of the easiest instruments to learn as a beginner. If you are interested in playing violin, then starting with learning the notes on violin strings can be a good idea. Here is what you need to know about the notes and strings on violins.

Number of Strings on Violin

Standard violins have four strings on them, and you can play different sounds with each. If we need to order violin strings from high to low, it is string E, string A, string D, and string D. Below you are going to learn all the notes available on these strings.

Violin E String Notes

Open E string is the first and lowest note that is available on String E. Moreover, you can also play other notes by simply using your fingers while holding your violin. B is the highest note you can play on this string. The following image includes all the notes and numbers that represent your fingers while playing your violin.


Violin A String Notes

Just like the previous string, the first and lowest note on this string is the open A string. E is the highest and last note available on this string. You should not worry about memorizing all the notes in order. Just practice often and soon you will naturally remember the correct order easily. You can also cheat whenever you need with the following image.


Violin D String Notes

Again, the open D string is the first and lowest note you can play on this string. A is the highest and last note available on this string. In general, A note is the first note that is played by those who just began to learn to play the violin. You can also benefit from the following image in your practice sessions until you are fully comfortable with playing notes on this string.


Violin G String Notes

No need to mention but the open G string is the first and lowest note available on this string. This time, the D note is the highest and last note on this string. In general, many beginners say that this is the easiest string to memorize and play. However, this may vary depending on how you perceive and remember things. You can still get some help from the following image that represents the notes and fingers you need to use to play them.


Keep in mind that you need to develop muscle memory to play your violin well. This will take time and you need to progress by focusing on one thing at a time.


It is important to know which notes you can play on which strings. We hope that our guide will be beneficial for those self-learners. You can also find many amazing guides about violins on our website such as Detailed Violin Tabs Guide for Beginners. Since you know the notes on the violin strings now, you can easily get the idea of the violin tabs too.