What Are Upright Piano Dimensions?

Piano may be one of the easiest instrument to learn but how can you start learning it? Of course, the first step should be buying a piano for yourself. If you have limited space at home, then we recommend upright pianos for you. They will help you to save space and you can start learning piano as soon as they arrive. Below, you are going to find all the information you are looking for. Keep in mind that you can also check our Top 20 Easiest Instrument to Learn guide for more beginner-friendly instruments.

What Are Upright Piano Sizes?

Pianos come in different sizes and shapes. There are about ten different types you can prefer. Some of them were popular in the past and some of them are widely preferred today. Depending on your taste, space, and choice, any piano type will do the work for you. In general, upright piano sizes vary between 36 inches and 60 inches. The main difference between upright pianos from regular pianos is their design, which helps you to save space. You can also visit our Types of Pianos You May Want to Know guide to learn more about all piano types you can purchase today.


Types of Upright Pianos

Although there are about ten piano sizes you can prefer, there are only four upright piano types. Below, we have provided brief information about each of these types. In addition to this, we have also shared an image where you can see the average measurements for each type. Keep in mind that there may be minor differences in size depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, we recommend consulting the seller before giving your final purchase decision.

Spinet Piano

This is the smallest upright piano you can find on the market. In general, the dimension of these upright pianos varies between 36 and 39 inches. Their working principle is also a little bit different from regular pianos but serves the same purpose. If you are planning to learn to play piano and then upgrade your instrument, we do not recommend this type. You can choose any of the other three options. It will be worth noting that the sound quality of these pianos is a little bit lower when compared to the other types.


Console Piano

Console piano is the second smallest piano you can buy on the market. Its size varies between 40 and 44 inches. However, despite its compact size, it provides an excellent quality sound. It includes a non-drop action mechanism which means that the hammer in the piano is directly engaged to the keys. In general, this is the most common piano type that is preferred to be used at home. If you are going to play piano just for your hobby, then we recommend buying this one. Otherwise, you may want to check other options.


Studio Piano

This is the third smallest upright piano which its size is usually between 45 and 49 inches. If you are a complete beginner and you do not want to spend lots of money on your instrument, then studio piano is the right choice for you. Unlike the previous piano types, this one has a larger soundboard and longer strings. This means that you are going to enjoy a better quality sound. You can also easily sell your piano in the future and upgrade it with a better type depending on your progression.


Upright Piano

This is the most common upright piano you can find on the market. As the name suggests, it is the true upright type which is usually between 50 and 60 inches. If you had a piano at school, then it is highly possible that it was an upright piano. They are also preferred in concerts too. It has the best sound quality and largest soundboard among all other options. If you are planning to master your piano skills, then without a doubt, this should be your first choice. You will never regret preferring this piano type.



You can pick any of the above-mentioned piano types to start practicing. As we mentioned in our What Is the Easiest Instrument to Learn guide, the piano is one of the best instrument to learn for beginners. We believe this guide will be beneficial for you to start practicing and finding the best piano for your limited space. However, keep in mind that you can prefer these pianos even you have enough space. This is a totally optional choice, which you can get any piano you like to learn playing it.