Violin Bow Parts and Their Functions

Violin may be one of the easiest instrument to learn but you cannot enjoy progression by knowing your instrument. As we mentioned in our What Is the Easiest Instrument to Learn guide, there is nothing to worry about in learning this instrument since we got your back.

All Violin Bow Parts

Here, we have compiled all the violin bow parts for you so that you will have better control over your instrument. In addition to this guide, we recommend checking out What Are the Strings on a Violin guide for more knowledge.


Violin Bow Stick

This part is usually made of carbon fiber or wood and is regarded as the most important part of the violin bow. It is divided into three groups and the balance point of your bow is also located on this part.


Upper Part of Violin Bow Stick

This is the farthest part of your bow. You are going to use this part to play soft sounds while playing your instrument. Depending on the distance of the area from the center, which is going to contact the strings, it provides less sound.


Lower Part of Violin Bow Stick

This part is usually preferred by masters. It is not recommended for beginners and even intermediate-level players. Moreover, it will take some time to get used to playing with this part. You can prefer this area to create louder sounds.


Middle Part of Violin Bow Stick

In general, you will be using this part to play your violin. As a beginner, this is the area which you are going to practice most of the time too. The sound provided by this area is balanced and even. Moreover, it is easier to play your violin with this part.


Violin Bow Hair

This part is made of natural hair, which is usually a Siberian or Mongolian horsehair. Other synthetic materials are also used for this part. If you are a beginner, it will not matter which one you prefer but all experts prefer horsehair for better results.


Violin Bow Tip

This part is where it combines the horsehair with your bow. In general, it is made of wood and requires true craftsmanship. The weight of the tip must be not too heavy or light for great balance.


Violin Bow Tip Plate

This is the cover made for the violin bow tip. It protects the tip from external damage. In general, it is made of a wide range of materials such as silver, ivory, or synthetic materials. You do not have to focus on the material of the tip plate as a beginner.

Violin Bow Winding

This part is located under the leather wrap and designed to provide extra protection for the hand of the player. In general, it is made of nickel. However, high-end violin bow windings are made of silver and even gold.

violin-bow winding

Violin Bow Thump Leather

This part is designed to protect the wood of your bow from your hand. Since its name already suggests, it is generally made of animal leather. Thump leather in some high-end bows may also be made of reptile skin.


Violin Bow Frog

This part prevents the horsehair to contact with the stick of your bow. In addition to this, it will also help you to adjust the tension on the horsehair. As you improve your skills, you are going to find dozens of different models to prefer.


Violin Bow Eye

This part is also called the Parisian eye and is made of nickel, silver, or golden plates. However, some high-end violins have a pearl in this part. You can easily have an idea about the quality of any violin bow by checking this part.


Violin Bow Ferrule

This is a metal part, which you can remove whenever you want. However, you should always keep it in its place since it helps you to protect the horsehair and fix it in its place. The only time you are going to remove it should be hair replacement.


Violin Bow Screw

This part helps you to tighten or loosen the horsehair. It is located at the beginning of your violin bow. You need to adjust it before and after you play your violin.



Simply, absorbing this information will greatly contribute to your learning process. Keep in mind that the violin is the best instrument to learn as a beginner. However, if this information is a bit complex for you and you give up on the idea of learning to play the violin, you can check our Top 20 Easiest Instrument to Learn article for more instruments.