Ukulele Size Chart for Beginners

Ukuleles have different size and shape options that should be decided on before you buy any. In this guide, we have provided all the size options that you may need to know. It may challenge to find the right ukulele size; however, this guide will help you to make the right decision. Keep in mind that the sound you are going to receive from your new ukulele directly depends on which one you are going to choose.

How Many Types of Ukuleles Are There?

Some people believe that there are five sizes for ukuleles. However, the pineapple ukulele and soprano ukulele are the same types of instruments. The only difference between these ukuleles is their shape. Moreover, the pineapple ukulele is quite rare nowadays. This is why we are going to stick with the literature and provide detailed information about four available sizes on the instrument market.


Ukulele Measurements According to Sizes

Here are the ukulele measurements that you may want to know. Below, you are going to find detailed information about these sizes too.

  • Soprano Ukuleles are 53 cm / 20 inches long, have 33 cm / 13 inches scale length and 12-15 frets.
  • Concert Ukuleles are 58 cm / 23 inches long, have 38 cm / 15 inches scale length and 15-20 frets.
  • Tenor Ukuleles are 68 cm / 26 inches long, have 43 cm / 17 inches scale length and 15-20 frets.
  • Baritone Ukuleles are 76 cm / 30 inches long, have 48 cm / 19 inches scale length and 19 frets.

Soprano Ukulele

This is the smallest ukulele you can prefer. Due to its size, it does not have a large resonating surface. As a result, it will not provide the deep tone or high volume when compared to the other ukuleles on this guide.


Concert Ukulele

This one offers a sweet tone with some middle depth of tenor. They are tuned the same way with soprano ukuleles.


Tenor Ukulele

This size of ukulele offers great versatility and therefore, it is the most popular one. Thanks to their long scale length it is also generally preferred by finger pickers.


Baritone Ukulele

This is the largest ukulele, which is the choice of many adult players due to its size. If you are looking for the traditional ukulele sound, then your choice should be the baritone ukulele. You can also read more about tuning this instrument in our Detailed Baritone Ukulele Tuning Guide for Beginners article.


What Is the Best Ukulele Size for Beginners?

The answer to this question can vary depending on the age of the player. If a child is going to play, then preferring a smaller instrument such as the soprano ukulele can be a better choice in terms of convenience. However, if you are looking for a ukulele for yourself as an adult, then you can pick any of them you like.


As we explained in detail, the sound you are going to get from your ukulele depends on its size. This is why you may want to check the sound of each size before giving your final decision about which one to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size ukulele for a beginner?

The best size of a ukulele depends on the person playing it and what their needs are. Ukuleles come in four different sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. For a beginner, it’s often suggested that the soprano is most appropriate because of its size and ease of use.

How do I know what size ukulele I need?

The first step is getting an idea about what size ukulele will suit your needs best. This is done by knowing what kind of player you are and how often you intend on playing it. For instance, if you’re someone who has spent years taking lessons and practicing daily, then a soprano or concert size would be best for you whereas if

What is a good ukulele size?

The most popular size in the market is the soprano ukulele. The size of a ukulele is dependent on the needs of the individual player. Most players will prefer a soprano instrument because it is cheap, easy to carry around, and has a high-quality sound.

Which size ukulele is most popular?

The most popular size is the soprano ukulele. The soprano ukulele also called a standard ukulele, is the most popular and common size of the ukulele. It has a light sound that is best suited for solo or duo instruments as well as for beginners who are learning to play.