Types of Pianos You May Want to Know

In this guide, we have shared all the piano types that you may want to know. We hope that the guide is going to be very beneficial for new players who are trying to figure out which type is the best option for them. Keep in mind that there are no rights or wrongs when choosing the piano, it all depends on your preferences.

How Many Types of Pianos Are There?

Although some sources increase the number of piano types to eleven, there are seven types of pianos in the literature. Below, you are going to find all of them and their brief description. If you are a beginner and start learning how to play piano, then our Best Way to Learn Piano as a Beginner article can be a good start too.

Upright Piano

This piano type is one of the old-school pianos that we used to see in old movies. It is great for houses thanks to its vertical design, which allows you to save space. It is one of the affordable piano options you may want to consider buying.

Spinet Piano

Here is another piano type that is only designed for house uses. It occupies less space when compared to the upright piano. The only difference is it is a bit higher than the previous type. Although it is not the cheapest, any family can still afford this type of piano.

Console Piano

Console pianos are budget-friendly options, which can be a great choice for beginners. We often see them in the movies too. They can easily help you to learn how to play piano with minimum their budget and space requirement.

Player Piano

Player pianos used to be popular in the past. These pianos are automated pianos that allow you to play tunes by programming them. It is not recommended for beginners, and they are quite rare to find on the market these days.

Digital Piano

This piano type is also known as a synthesizer or electric piano. It allows you to produce sound without the need for strings but electronically. They are often used to create orchestral sounds.

Baby Grand Piano

If you want to get the maximum sound, then the baby grand piano is the type you are looking for. They are designed for small spaces where they are going to produce large sounds. Other names given to this type are medium grand or parlor grand and you can prefer them for your house.


Concert Grand Piano

This fully equipped piano can be considered the full version of baby grand pianos. They are not suitable for house use and you may not want to be interested in them as beginners. They are designed for professionals and generally used in concert halls in symphony orchestra performances.


Although some of these types are not common these days, you can find all seven types of pianos with some market search. If you are a beginner and looking for a piano to play, we believe that this guide will be beneficial for you.