Should You Learn Fingerstyle Guitar Technique?

Fingerstyle guitar is one of the guitar-playing techniques that confuses most beginners. As in the What Is the Easiest Instrument to Learn guide, we always tell you that the guitar is one of the easiest instrument to learn. However, this does not cover some of the techniques such as fingerstyle guitar. On the other hand, nothing is wrong with trying this technique and mastering it. In fact, it can provide great versatility in your plays.

What Is Fingerstyle Guitar Technique?

As the name suggests, the fingerstyle guitar is the technique that involves your fingers. You directly pluck the strings of your guitar with different parts of your fingers such as nails and fingertips. You can also practice this technique by attacking a pick between your fingers. It also involved strumming the strings of your instruments. You can learn more about the strings by visiting our Beginner Guitar Strings guide. The technique is often called fingerpicking too. Some songs require this technique but learning it is not a must. You can still play any song without any challenge. Learning and mastering this technique can help you to show off and provide emotions to some of your plays.


Why Is Fingerstyle Guitar Considered Challenging?

Many people believe fingerstyle guitar is a challenging practice for many. However, the truth is different. They believe it is challenging because it is a little bit new technique compared to the way they used to play guitar. Since you are a beginner and not used to playing guitar with the picks, you can easily get used to this technique. Moreover, learning and mastering this technique have many advantages. You can stylishly play your guitar and this technique can also be used in many other string instruments. Keep in mind that this is an optional technique, and you will not lose anything if you will not learn it.

Should You Learn Fingerstyle Guitar as a Beginner?

This is a personal question, and the answer depends on your preferences. Just keep in mind that it is not a challenging technique at all. This is especially true for beginners who recently started to play the guitar. However, we can recommend it to anyone who likes to play guitar. In this way, you can play your instrument in a more versatile way. Some musical genres such as blues, rock, and folk have great songs, which you can play with the fingerstyle guitar technique.


In short, it is all up to you to whether you should learn the fingerstyle guitar technique or not. If you have free time or looking for something new to the practice or simply like how you feel when you play songs with it, you can learn the technique. You can also apply this technique to some of the instruments we shared in our Top 20 Easiest Instrument to Learn guide. The guitar may be one of the best instrument to learn in the world and it has different and interesting techniques you can learn. If you believe fingerstyle guitar is an amazing technique, do not waste a moment and start practicing it.