How to Read Ukulele Tabs?

Ukulele is regarded as one of the easiest instruments to learn and in this guide, we are going to provide information on how to read ukulele tabs. Understanding basics and practicing as often as you can greatly contribute to your learning process. As in all instruments, the only way to master your ukulele skills is to develop muscle memory. The best way to develop muscle memory is to practice. Do not try to memorize all the information at once. Instead, progress step by step and focus on one concept at a time. This will provide better results for yourself in the long run.

Ukulele Tab Basics

Ukulele tabs are quite simple tablatures that consist of four lines. Each line on these tabs represents the strings on your instrument. Keep in mind that the top line on your tab corresponds to the bottom string of your ukulele.

A —————————————–
E —————————————–
C —————————————–
g —————————————–

The numbers on these lines represent the fret number of your instrument. This and the following information may seem a bit complex for beginners. However, you can be sure that you will get used to all of them only in days. All you need to do is practice often.

Symbols You Need to Know to Read Ukulele Tabs

Below, you are going to find symbols other than notes that will help you to read and understand ukulele tabs.


This concept is represented with an h letter on ukulele tabs, and it is used to separate two notes. You need to pluck string represented before h and then hammer-on the note after h.



This concept is represented with the p letter and just like hammer-on it is used to separate two notes. You need to pluck the first note and then pull off the latter note after p.


Hammer-on and Pull-off Combination

Hammer-on and pull-off can be used together and they are represented with the ^ symbol on ukulele tabs. You need to pluck the first thing, then hammer-on the next, and then pull-off the third.



This concept is represented with / or \ on tabs. / is used for ascending slides and \ is used for descending slides. You need to descend or ascend in the second string depending on the direction of the symbol.



Bend concept is represented with b letter. If the bend will return, then the r letter is used to represent it. They are also placed between the figures on ukulele tabs.


Cons of Ukulele Tabs

Just like in all instrument tabs, ukulele tabs do not give you any hint about the rhythm. Therefore, these tabs are usually preferred to practice. If you are a beginner ukulele player, you can easily get used to playing your instrument by practicing with tabs often.


We hope that this guide on how to read ukulele tabs will be beneficial for your practice sessions. It is important to hold your ukulele in the right position while practicing with your instrument. We have already prepared a guide on How to Hold Ukulele. Checking this guide can be beneficial for your learning process.