How Heavy Is a Piano?

The piano is one of the best instrument to learn for beginners and we have discussed its details in our What Is the Easiest Instrument to Learn guide. In this guide, we are going to discuss why pianos are so heavy and their weight according to different piano types. If you would like to learn more on this topic, we highly recommend you keep reading.

Why Pianos Are So Heavy?

Although the piano looks simple, it consists of many heavy materials. First of all, they are many pieces of thick lumbers on every piano. In addition to this, the harp, which is a heavy cast iron plate makes it the heaviest instrument in the world. The main reason why pianos are this much heavy is their cast iron plate. In general, this part makes up seventy percent of the total weight.

Can I Move a Piano by Myself?

Although it is possible to move the piano by yourself, we do not recommend it. Pianos are very heavy instruments, and you can easily injure yourself when you do not know what you are doing. Trying to move a piano on your own can lead to severe back pain. Moreover, your joints can be hurt while trying to move them.

At least three people are required to move a piano. Of course, this depends on the average strength of the people who are going to move it.

Piano Weight Chart According to Piano Types

Below, you can find detailed information about each piano type and how much it weighs. Please note that these figures are average figures and minor differences may be between different models of different brands. We have also shared detailed information about the piano types in our Types of Pianos You May Want to Know guide. You can always refer to this guide for more information.

How Heavy Is a Spinet Piano?


On average, spinet pianos weigh around 140 kilograms. However, there are some spinet pianos that weigh around 90 kilograms. The heaviest spinet piano weighs around 180 kilograms. In general, two people are required to move this piano from one room to another. If you have an average build, then you may need three people to move it.

How Heavy Is a Console Piano?


On average, console pianos weigh around 180 kilograms. They are one of the most popular vertical piano types and the smallest one weighs around 160 kilograms while the largest one weighs around 205 kilograms. If you are not going to move the piano through stairs, two people will be enough to move it. But again, moving it with three people will be much easier and safer.

How Heavy Is a Studio Piano?

On average, studio pianos weigh around 200 kilograms. They are often preferred in music schools and considered too expensive for home use. The smallest studio piano weighs around 160 kilograms and the largest one weighs around 230 kilograms. Three people are ideal for moving this piano from one room to another.

How Heavy Is an Upright Piano?


On average, upright pianos weigh around 300 kilograms. This piano type is the tallest vertical piano ever designed and is often preferred at home. The largest upright piano weighs around 460 kilograms while the smallest one weighs around 230 kilograms. You need at least four or more people to safely move this piano type.

How Heavy Is a Professional Grand Piano?


The professional grand piano is the only piano type that has a fixed weight, and this is 318 kilograms. This is why at least three or more people should carry it. In case you are going to move it through stairs, then you may need to benefit from special tools to provide the safety of people as well as the piano itself. There are different grand piano types, but we will only cover the professional and baby grand pianos in this guide.

How Heavy Is a Baby Grand Piano?


On average, baby grand pianos weigh around 250 kilograms and they are considered to be the fanciest piano types among all. The smallest baby grand piano weighs around 220 kilograms and the largest baby grand piano weighs around 280 kilograms. Just like an upright piano, at least four or more people are required to move this piano type.


Different pianos have different weights and no matter what you should avoid moving them on your own. Otherwise, you may suffer serious injuries. In addition to this, the majority of the weight of pianos comes from their heavy cast iron plate, which is also known as the harp. Piano may be the easiest instrument to learn but you still need the practice to master your skills. You can also visit our Top 20 Easiest Instrument to Learn guide to learn other instruments that you can prefer to play.

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