Easiest Instrument to Learn For a Child

We have already shared the Top 20 Easiest Instruments to Learn guide for beginners who are looking for a new hobby. However, this list did not include any specific information about children. Therefore, we wanted to compile some of the easiest instrument to learn here as well. This time all our recommendations will be for kids. If you want your kids to play an instrument, then we highly recommend checking this list.

How to Choose the Right Instrument for a Child?

The size of the instrument matters a lot in this regard. You need to pick an instrument which has the ideal size for your children. In this respect, the age of the kid is an important criterion that you need to consider. Most of the following instruments are small or have different types which are compact in size.

However, what is more, important than the size is the interest of your child. You need to pick the right one, which your kid is interested in. Otherwise, you will only force your children to learn an instrument. As you can guess, forcing someone to do something will never work in the long run. Thus, you need to make any of the following instruments appealing to your children. Now, let’s take a look at these 10 great instruments for children.

10 Easiest Instruments to Learn for a Child

Here are ten easy-to-play instruments we have compiled for children. Do not forget to include your children in your decision-making process. In this way, you and your children can get the most benefit from the new instruments you both are going to pick.



Without a doubt, the piano is one of the best instruments for beginners. It may be a bit challenging than the rest of the instruments listed here. However, anyone who learns to play the piano can easily learn other instruments. The biggest advantage of the piano is you can find types in different sizes, and it is quite easy to practice.



Just like the piano, the guitar also has different sizes and forms. You can easily find the perfect fit for your children regardless of their height and age. The guitar is one of the easiest options that your children can try. Moreover, there are many free sources available on the internet for new learners. You can find dozens of free guitar guides on our website as well.



In general, the ukulele is quite an interesting instrument for children. It is highly possible that your children will prefer this Hawaiian instrument. Ukulele is so easy to play that some countries offer this education in school. It may be a great starting point for many children. The biggest advantage of the ukulele is anyone can easily learn other string instruments once they learn how to play the ukulele.



Without a doubt, the violin is one of the iconic string instruments in the world. Did you know that it has compact versions designed for younger children? Moreover, children over 10 years old can easily play the classic violin without any challenge. We believe that the naïve sound of the violin can easily attract and amaze any child.



The recorder has been and will be one of the instruments that are taught in elementary school. It is highly possible that your children may already know how to play it. However, you can help your children to take their skills next level by letting them practice the recorder more often. There are plenty of easy-to-play songs you can find as well.



If your children are not interested in the recorder, then they may like the flute. Both instruments have the same concept, and they are both easy to learn. However, the flute may not be the ideal choice for children younger than 9-10 years old due to its size. Your children can start learning to play these instruments solo or in groups, depending on your choice.



Drums are generally recommended for hyperactive children. Without a doubt, it will help your children to spend their excess energy. Moreover, there are different sizes of drums available on the market. Depending on your available space and sound tolerance, you can easily find the right size for your children. Since drums must be played together with other instruments, it is a great option for your children to socialize too.



The trumpet is another great instrument that your children may love. It has an amazing sound and considers to be one of the easiest brass instruments to learn. Due to its compact size, the trumpet can be carried anywhere you go. The only downside of this instrument is its high sound. If sound will not be a problem at home, we can recommend this amazing instrument for your children.



Without a doubt, your children will find xylophone quite interesting. This instrument is a great choice for children who do not want to play any instrument. They can easily get used to playing the idea of a new instrument with the help of a xylophone. After a while, you can introduce new instruments to them once they love playing music. Moreover, the xylophone is also one of the budget-friendly instruments you can prefer in this list.



Here is our last instrument suggestion for children. Thanks to its quite compact size, harmonica can be a great option you can consider for your children. The only downside of this amazing instrument is it can get lost quite easily. On the other hand, your children can carry it in their pockets and practice often while trying to show the new skills they acquired or music they learned how to play.


All the above-mentioned instruments can be a great choice, especially for children. Keep in mind that most of these instruments have small versions, which are ideal for younger children as a starting instrument to learn. Moreover, all the reasons that we have mentioned in the What Is the Easiest Instrument to Learn guide are also valid for these too. All you need to do is pick any of these instruments that your child finds interesting and support their learning process!