Best Way to Learn Piano as a Beginner

If you are a new piano player, you may want to accomplish multiple tasks at once. Playing the piano is so relaxing and tempting that many beginners make this mistake. As a result, what happens? They fail to learn how to play piano, or it takes so much time that people usually get bored. In this guide, we will show you the best way to learn how to play the piano. If you follow the following tips, we promise that you are going to master your piano skills in no time.

Learning the Piano Fundamentals

Fundamentals are the most important facts in every instrument and piano is not an exception. Without knowing the fundamentals, you are going to swim against the current. For example, you can read our What Is the Proper Piano Hand Position article to learn one of the most crucial fundamentals to start playing the piano.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It is important to have a schedule to practice piano. You can easily forget what you learn if you do not put them into action. Therefore, we recommend you practicing piano at least twice a week for an hour.

Create Your Own Routines

Just like the language, music is made of patterns. It is important to figure out these patterns and make them your own routines.

Start with Baby Steps

Focus on one challenge at a time. Multitasking in music may not be a good idea especially if you are a beginner. Try to develop muscle memory for one thing at a time. This will boost your learning process and you will achieve results faster.

Warm Up Before Each Practice Session

Although you will be making music, you will be using your muscles every time you are going to play the piano. It is important to warm up your muscles before each practice session. This will warn your nerves about the same routine, and you will get maximum performance from each session.

Play What You Enjoy

Do not force yourself to play classics or anything that anyone forces you. Music is all about fun and you must play songs and melodies that are fun for you. In this way, you will enjoy your time and increase your motivation. You will be excited and impatient for each practice session when you play what you love.

Follow Our Guides

We share plenty of guides to assist beginners who want to play the piano. You can benefit from our experience and instructions to get the maximum joy and performance from your efforts. We share in-depth information on most of the basics you need to know about this instrument. You can read them and practice immediately to make sure that they will be permanent in your mind.


Although many people claim that there is no best way to learn to play piano, we do not agree with them. There is a best way, and it depends on you. All you need to do is enjoy your time while learning. This will boost your motivation and as a result, you will enjoy every moment while learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I teach myself to play the piano?

If you are serious about learning to play the piano, you should start by figuring out what type of piano playing you want to learn. You can learn how to play the piano with or without sheet music. One is called by ear and the other is called by sight. The process of playing by ear will challenge your memory, hearing, and concentration skills. Playing by sight will challenge your coordination and motor skills instead.

What is the best method to learn piano?

There is no one size fits all method to learn piano. It is a time and energy investment. It is important to find an approach that will work for you, and this can be done by asking yourself some simple questions. What are your goals? How much time do you have available? What kind of music do you want to play?

What is the fastest way to learn piano?

If you want to learn the piano fast, there are some things that you can do. The fastest way to learn piano is to practice it every day. Moreover, it’s important to start with the basics for a quick progression

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