10 Best Violins for Beginners in 2023

As we mentioned in our What Is the Easiest Instrument to Learn guide, a violin is one of the beginner-friendly instruments to learn. If you decided on learning to play this instrument, then this guide is for you. Below, you are going to find some of the best violins for beginners. You can prefer any of them and start practicing as soon as you receive your order. You can also check out the What Are Violin String Notes article while waiting for your order.

Best Violins for Beginners

Violin may be one of the easiest instruments to learn but this will mean nothing when you buy the wrong set as a beginner. Therefore, here are the best instruments you can find on the internet in terms of price and performance comparison.

Lagrima Beginner Violin

This is a great set you can prefer right now. It includes all the parts you are going to need while learning how to play the violin. You can start practicing as soon as you receive your order.

JMFinger Full Size Violin

This product is made of premium quality wood and offers a great texture. Moreover, it includes all the parts you are going to need as a beginner to play it.

Mytunes Full Size Acoustic Violin Set

Here is another great and affordable full violin set you can prefer as a beginner. It is made of high-quality wood, and you can play it for many years without any problems.

Aliyes Solid Wood Violin

The hard case sold together with the instrument is a great bonus. You will be purchasing a complete set, which you can start practicing once you receive your product.

Vangoa Black Full Size Violin

If you are looking for a stylish violin, then this should be your choice. We bet you are going to love its style and lightweight structure.

Sky Full Size Black Violin

Here is another black violin that you may prefer to purchase. This one also includes all the parts and tools you will need as a beginner to start learning.

Bunnel Premier Violin

If you are shorter than average or looking for a violin for your kids, then you can prefer this one. It comes with a special case and violin book.

Easter Full Set Violin

The amazing red color of this violin is quite appealing. It is a full set that includes all the parts you need. Beginners can easily prefer this model too.

Cecilio Beginner’s Violin

Cecilio is one of the famous violin brands on the market. As the name suggests, this model is designed for beginners. You can enjoy a lifetime warranty by buying this model.

Mendini by Cecilio MV Solid Wood Violin

Here is another amazing model by Cecilio. It is a hand-carved model which is backed with a lifetime warranty.


You can pick any of the above-mentioned violins to start practicing. If the price of these instruments is a little bit expensive for you, then you can find a new instrument to learn by checking our Top 20 Easiest Instrument to Learn article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tune a violin for beginners?

There are two methods of tuning a violin, one being with an electronic tuner and the other being by ear. Tuning by ear requires that you compare your performance to a tuning fork and make adjustments to get it in tune. You can use a tuning fork or pitch pipe for this purpose. First, find a reference note on your instrument and then find that same note on the tuning device. Adjust your string until it matches the reference note on your instrument.

How to play violin for beginners?

All violins have four strings. The strings produce sound when they are plucked with a bow. The purpose of the bridge and fingerboard is to help the player create different notes and tones depending on where the string is plucked. Violinists use their fingers for this process, so they need to be strong enough to press down hard on each string without hurting their fingers or slipping off of them.

Are electric violins good for beginners?

Electric violins are a great option for beginners. They have a lot of benefits over acoustic violins and can be more affordable for the person looking to buy one. The main downside to these instruments is the sound. They sound different than an acoustic violin and don’t have as much resonance.

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